Day 15


If I’m honest with myself, being honest is one of the hardest things to be. It hurts because it reveals where we are weak, when we only want to be perceived as strong. It hurts because we have to relive the past, where we made mistakes. Sometimes, even harder, is being honest with someone else about something that is tearing you apart. Maybe it isn’t that you don’t want to tell them, but you don’t know how to tell them.

In order for our lives to have an impact on those around us, we have to be transparent.

How will they ever know that we are being real if we don’t share life with them?

We’ve hurt their hurts. Seen their pain. Held those same burdens.

But we can’t help them through any of that without sharing our experiences. I think I might have touched on this before.. Either way, the truth remains, and it is up to us to uncover it.

Honesty also has to do with confrontation — which I, personally, am not a huge fan of confronting.. Not that I don’t think it’s necessary (it completely is), but it is hard for me to confront other people. I don’t want people to hurt, but those are the times.. The broken times.. When we can grow the most. When our hearts are the most raw, God can do His best work in us.

Accountability also falls under this category. It’s hard as well, but just as necessary.. They kind of go hand in hand I guess! By confronting someone, you are keeping them accountable. And you have to be brutally honest with them sometimes to help them see their wrong. It hurts.. But God has hurt for a reason, so we can grow!

Be honest with yourself.

Be honest with God (He knows everything already.. So why not?).

Be honest with others.

Let’s change the world with our transparent honesty!

God bless and stay fresh

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