Day 14


I was challenged today during church when the question was asked, “what consumes you?”

What consumes my thoughts?

What defines me, right now?

That is a hard thing to truly think about. On the outside, it’s easy to say that Jesus consumes me and all those cookie-cutter, “good Christian” answers, but deep down.. What consumes me?

Although, the cookie-cutter answers literally are becoming my answers, there’s probably more under the surface that is harder to dig up. God knew that facing problems and issues was going to be hard. That’s why we have him to cling to. He gave us Himself, so that we can stand under the pressure. So that he can help us up when we fall.

So why is it, that when we fall, we try to crawl away?

When we’re the weakest, we should embrace the strongest.

When we’re tired, we should rest in his arms.

He only wants the best for us. His beloved children. I wrote a song a while ago and here is part of it, “Oh, He loves his children.. With every fiber in his being. It’s endless.”

And it’s true! His love for us will not so quickly be drained! It is replenished every day, every hour, every minute, every second! There are no moments that we aren’t fully loved by our Creator! And that just blows my mind!

So.. I challenge you to search your heart and ask yourself.. What defines you?

God bless and stay fresh


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