Day 10


Recently, I’ve noticed how much I haven’t noticed. If we would only take some time to stop, slow down, and open our eyes to all the beauty around us. It is literally everywhere! :)

It’s another one of those “open your eyes” type of deals.. Are we really so busy that we do not have enough time to stop and chill? To sit and look? To see? There is so much intricacy all around us, and we are simply “too busy” to see it.

Think about it this way..

What if God did that? What if one day He decided to leave us on our own, to fend for ourselves, just because He had other “stuff” to do.. Now.. From what we know of God, this is just unrealistic, but to just even think about it.. Doesn’t that just make you feel.. Not so great?

And honestly, this is what we do to God every day. We have all this other “stuff” to do, and we don’t give any time to the One who deserves it the very most.. He created us.. He gave us life.. And we chose to simply neglect the one who gave up everything, just because he loved us. Because he wanted to see us again, with him.

I’m not saying that I go around noticing everything, because I certainly do not. I just realized today, as I started to see things more, I began to appreciate all that He has done for us. It is so much! I am challenged by my own words! Man oh man.. Things around here will change and I am excited about it.

My heart is turning. I can’t even contain my excitement! God has always been at work, but I can feel Him more now. I hope you can feel the power of Christ moving in your life as well!

God bless and stay fresh!


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