Day 8

Dancing Sunflowers

For my birthday, I was sent in a care package a plastic sunflower in a plastic pot, that will dance when in the sun light. I love this little thing. It just sits on my desk and rocks back and forth. Simple things like that just brighten my day and put a smile on my face!

To most, it is just a little toy that dances in the sun. To me, it is a reminder how we are in the sun. The Son. We are made new in Christ, so let’s dance in the Son shall we? Too often, we go through life (myself included) and don’t realize that we are not the same because we have the love of the Lord in our hearts.

That should basically change everything about our lives.

What if we concentrated more on Christ, rather than what other people think of us? Would we dance in the streets? Would we sing at the top of our lungs? Would we finally love all the people who need loving? Would we finally be able to carry on the legacy that Jesus left? To love every person.

If we dance in the Son, I believe we can change so many lives.. It’s hard to forget sometimes.. But maybe we all just need a little plastic dancing sunflower to put in the sunshine.

That’s my thoughts.. Kind of.. Scattered..

God bless and stay fresh.


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