Day 7

Challenge the Risk

One thing that has really been pressing on my mind lately is risk-taking. Getting out in the world and being challenged. I feel as if.. Some people are too satisfied with being on the safe side.

What of being a Christ-follower is supposed to be safe?

Do you think that any of Jesus’ disciples were being protected for the times they were under His leadership? They had to know that there was going to be danger involved.. There is no way that they could not know that.

Essentially, since we are Christ-followers, we are disciples as well. This means that we, too, have got to know that there is going to be uncertainty and unpredictability. There is no way around it. To think otherwise is to be completely ignorant. I think that too many people are scared of what they might lose. But think about it, anything you lose could not even compare to what you can gain in Christ. No comparison at all. In any way. If you are so afraid of what you might lose, you must not have understood the commitment you made when you first asked for God to come into your life.

Encountering God will never leave you the same.

You cannot come into God’s presence without being different afterwards.

It’s just not possible.

What I think needs to happen, is people (including myself) need to realize what we mean when we say, “we are Christ-followers”. It is a heavy duty. It is a hard task. It will be full of brokenness and hurt, joy and gladness, sorrow and pain, tears and laughter. It will not be easy. It is not meant for those who cannot commit. For those who are unsure.

It is meant for those who are ready to give everything over. For those who want to recklessly abandon their old lifestyle and take in the new life that Christ has prepared for us. He has a specific purpose for each of us. A passion to instill in our hearts. A song that we can sing. A poem that we can write and read. A distance we can go. He planned all this before we were even a thought in our parent’s minds.

What is holding you back from taking the risks that need to be taken? Are you scared of what people might say? Of what they might think? To be perfectly honest.. Why does any of that matter? They aren’t the ones who ultimately give you your worth. That’s the Lord.

Yes.. It’s scary.

Yes.. It might hurt.

Yes.. People might not like it.

Yes.. You might get lonely.

Yes.. It’s going to be tough.

And yes.. It will be worth it.

Go out and do that thing that God has been working in your heart on. You can feel it can’t you? That God has a bigger plan for you rather than what you’re up to right now? He really does. I guarantee it.

Are you content with sitting still. Being stagnant? I do not believe that is what our Lord has for us. There is so much more. Places waiting to be explored. People waiting to be talked to. Things waiting to be done. Things to see. Places to be. Things to say.

By you.

If you stay sheltered all your life.. What good stories will you have to tell? Lives are changed by stories. Real stories, not just words. Life stories. Your stories. And if you haven’t taken any chances, how then will you have the powerful stories to change someone’s life?

Hurting people are all around the world.. These people want to know that there is something better. That there is someone out there who feels their pain. Someone who will listen and care.

And when you have taken those risks, you have to realize that it wasn’t meant for just you to know. Like I mentioned earlier, stories are what change lives. Don’t be scared to reach out and tell others what you’ve gone through. Don’t be scared to share your experiences. They are meant to be shared. It’s a risk in itself, I guess..

Take the risk.

Be dangerous.

God bless and stay fresh.


One thought on “Day 7

  1. Alex Eby says:

    I heard a quote once that says:
    “God doesn’t call us into safety. He calls into trusting Him with everything.”

    Not exactly sure who said it, but I think that it applies. Thank you for encouraging and inspiring me through your God inspired words!

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