Day 6


I collect feathers. Like.. Ones off dead birds.

The thing is, I don’t really know why I like them so much. I mean.. If you think about it, they are kind of disgusting.. They used to be stuck inside a bird’s skin.. And I’m collecting them. Part of the reason is because one item on my bucket list is to have a feather bouquet at some point. So I’ve got a little start on that!

Maybe I should be totally grossed out by them, but I think they are so beautiful. I was given one that is orange and black, it is one of my favorite ones because it is so different than all the others. It catches my eye and just makes me smile :) I have another one that is much bigger than the rest.. This one I found on the side of the road, still attached to a bird’s bones.. Which, to be honest, almost made me not want it.. It was quite difficult to get it detached from the wing, but eventually we got it off.

Perhaps part of the reason why I like feathers so much is because of how interesting I find birds to be. How beautiful they are. So intricate and delicate and powerful all at the same time. When I really take time to think about how crazy the whole earth is, I can’t help but just marvel at all that God has created. How can people just walk through life and not think about things like that? Is it really so easy to take a glance and not think about how complex it is?

Stuff like that doesn’t just happen by chance.

It doesn’t.

I can tell you that for a fact.

There is no other way it could have happened other than that we have an Almighty God who is so very beautiful and creative. If you have never really taken time to think about how elaborate nature is, take a little bit and just think about it. It’s absolutely mind-boggling.

When I get a new feather, I try to imagine what the bird was like. How big it was. What other colors of feathers it had. What it’s chirp sounded like. Did it have a home in one of the nearby trees? Or was it from out of town? Was it a male or female? Did it have any little birdies to call it’s own?

Feathers.. Think about them.

God bless and stay fresh.


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