Day 4


If you are a human, you have eyes.. Right? Basically.. If you are anything living but a plant or bacteria, you have eyes. My question is this: If we have eyes, why is it so hard for us to see around us? If we have eyes, why can’t we see? Like.. Really see?

This has just really been on my heart. People always talk about going out and doing missions, but if you think about it.. There are people hurting everywhere around us. I think that sometimes we just need to stop. We need to slow down. Stop thinking about the future. Start thinking about right now.

What if we lived every day in little moments? What if we could realize that every second counts? Every second, every interaction, every small conversation, every smile.. All of it is important? You could literally change someone’s life. Who knows what was happening in their life prior to that moment. The smile you gave them could have changed their mind and kept them on this earth.

If we have eyes, we should use them. I keep writing on my papers and in my notes, “eyes.. Help me see”. I desperately want to see. I think that if we are followers of Christ, we need this mentality. We need to want to see. And by not seeing, we are not living up to our potential. God gave each and every one of us, His children, a purpose and a drive and a passion. If we don’t take the time to look inside ourselves and see ourselves how are we going to be able to fulfill our duties? We have eyes to see ourselves and others, and I don’t believe that we can truly see others until we can see ourselves.

It’s like forgiveness. You can’t forgive someone else if you have something held up inside you. You have to learn to let go.

We have to learn to use our eyes.

Learn to see.

My challenge for myself, and to you if you would like, is to see those around you. Really see them. It might be harder than you thought, and that is totally okay. I know that there are things I have never seen and our campus is so small. There are things that I miss daily. We have to be intentional – another blog topic for another day.. :) – and want to make a change. Make a decision to start using the eyes God gave you.

God bless and stay fresh.


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