Day 3

Thoughts on Today

Today I painted a house. Not a very big one, but it was a house. And no, it was not by myself.. That is just crazy talk! It’s a missional leadership conference this week and today was “community work day”. Every student was assigned to a group and a supervisor, and went out into Haviland to do.. Whatever needed to be done. And our group, just happened to be a group that was painting a house. I’ve painted houses before, but they were all mostly (maybe) pressure washed before, or at least kind of cleaned up on the outside. This one was filthy! Sometimes I would paint up in the eves and more dirt would be on the brush than paint that came off! I had to just be.. Patient I guess and do everything I could to make it semi-even.

After dinner, there was a man (our guest speaker for chapel this week) named Paul giving a talk in the student center. I went last night, so I decided why not go again? Yesterday really had made me think! And I was not disappointed tonight either. Melinda (his wife) made a really good point about missions. We are kind of taught that missions means you have to go out and serve. And not that, that isn’t a valid calling, but her point was that loving God and serving well is just about starting where you’re at.

I think that is so important and it is something that we. as Christ-followers, tend to neglect. We are “taught” (rather informally.. But teachings happen like this nonetheless) that the way you do missions is to sign up for a missions trip and go to some foreign country.. Why can’t we start loving those around us? I am so tired of people being fake and hypocritical. I admit, sometimes I am hypocritical. Saying and doing are two completely different things!

We need to love.

Love well.

Live love.

God bless, stay fresh


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