Day 2

What does it mean to “not lose heart”?

Today, in Survey of Church Ministry, we were talking about prayer, and one of the passages (from the Bible) we read, said something about not losing heart. Wait right there.. I’ll go find it.

2 Corinthians 4:1 “Therefore, since through God’s mercy we have this ministry, we do not lose heart.”

Do not lose heart.. What is considered a lost heart? Is it just about having faith? Is that maybe what this is referring to?


But then again, is it more than that? There is more. There always is, and I long to know what it is. So much lately, my heart has been burning with a passion for my Savior. He gave up literally everything, and yet.. How much have I given back? In comparison.. Not much at all. Why are we, as a stereotypical body of Christians, so content to just sit around and wait for God to work? We wait around for God to come and do things..

That is not what we were called to! We, as the body of Christ, are called to finish what He started! He started such a mighty ministry here on earth. And now, 2000 years later, we still have that same ministry. We are to go and change the world. Is that having heart? Is having heart something to do with fulfilling our duty? Maybe it is something to do with having passion..

Think about it. Look back to that verse. Through God’s mercy we have a ministry. We have a duty to stay on top of. If we slack off, why then are we doing anything at all? So, if heart is equal to passion or.. Say energy or spirit.. We do not lose our passion. We do not lose our energy or our spirit. In order to serve God with everything we have, we can’t just do it without emotion. If we become passion-less, emotion-less, energy-less workers of the kingdom.. What, then, are we?

In my mind, having heart, is much more than having faith. You can have faith and not have passion. In my mind, the bigger question is whether or not you have the drive to follow God with all that you have. Are you willing to give everything up? Because that’s what He did for us.. And how we manage to miss that sometimes.. It is just a tragedy! To not know the love of Christ.. To not realize the fullness of it..

I can’t function any other way. If I do not have the love of Christ in my heart, I won’t have His passion either. And if I want to be obedient to His call on my life, I have to have His passion flowing through my veins.

Well.. There truly is so much more I could say, but I will leave with this.. Do not lose heart. Do not lose faith. Do not lose your passion. Do not lose your fire. Do not lose your energy. Do not lose your spirit. Do not lose your emotion. Challenge yourself to see God in everything. Challenge yourself to really ponder what it means to not lose heart.

Be blessed. Stay fresh.


One thought on “Day 2

  1. therunnerinquestion says:

    All I can think to reply is that you are a gift. Well said, so so so well said. You are loved m’dear. Very much. Thank you friend.

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