Distractions aren’t always bad

So.. Today I was sitting in my Survey of Church Ministry class and I just could not concentrate on what my prof was talking about.. Instead, I was thinking about all the people that haven’t been reached. Which, kind of, is what the class is about. Today he was talking about the church and whatnot.. But what I wanted to talk about was getting out into the world and spreading the love of Jesus Christ!

Unfortunately, that didn’t come..

So I headed back to my room and turned on some music, still pondering the fact that such a large amount of people haven’t heard the Good News.. Then the song “Forever Reign” by Hillsong came on.. I burst into tears.

Yes. Right there in my dorm room- thank goodness my room mate was in class and my suite-mates were gone, too. I reached out my hands and let the tears fall. And I realized, the people who haven’t had the chance to know God, haven’t had the chance to run into His arms.

It broke. My heart.

These people need to be reached. They haven’t even felt love at all, some of them. We are the change, right?

And why do we have to wait until after college? Or until after we get that job? No. We should be going now. We aren’t meant to just be thinking about what we want to do in the future.. We need to get out there and fulfill Christ’s mission in the present! Live in the present!! 

All day I have just been anxious to get out into the world and love on people..


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